Gallery: The Commercial Corruption Of The Kettlebell


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...And The Winner Is... Kathy Smith, For Her THREE POUND Paperweight! Er, Kettlebell. This Is The Ultimate Gym In A Box. No, Mini-Gym. No, Micro-Gym.

…And The Winner Is: Kathy Smith, For Her THREE POUND Paperweight! Er, Kettlebell.

This is the ultimate gym in a box. No, mini-gym. No, micro-gym.

The Winner Is: Kathy Smith’s 3 lb. Ultimate Micro-Gym In A Box.

The 3 lb. kettlebell is microscopic compared to the kettlebells we had in 2000. Looks like a baby rattle. Maybe the baby analogy is getting a little worn… but really, is there any comparison more appropriate? The box that this is shipped in is probably heavier.

Three pounds. That just blows my mind. Really. Someone please justify this for me in the comment box. If you can, I’ll be impressed.

When you’re done viewing the gallery, be sure to check out the accompanying article about the commercial corruption of the kettlebell

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